Paying Child Support In Dallas County

Have you just moved to Dallas county, or live in Dallas county and need to pay child support? And do you have questions and concerns about your rights and obligations? We have some tips that will help make paying child support easier.

  1. The Dallas C.A.R.E. program – In October of 2005, Dallas County enacted C.A.R.E., or the County Authority for Responsible Enforcement. The goal of this program was to provide the county with “comprehensive, effective, and efficient child support enforcement services”. As part of this program, it made sure that there were easier methods of tracking down delinquencies and missed payments. If you’re paying child support in Dallas, this means that finding a way to meet your support obligation is critical. If you’re looking for an easy way to manage and pay your child support, SupportPay has a new feature called partial payments, where instead of being hit with late fees, you can let the other parent know that you will meet your obligations over time. This saves hundreds of dollars and stress, plus it allows you to communicate with your ex about money in an easy way.
  2. Cover yourself with a payment history – Dallas county actually has a simple, easy to use system to track your payment history. However, you will still have to submit a request for it. And every request will cost you $1 per page. Rather than pay every time you need to prove payment, SupportPay’s feature for tracking your payment history is free to use. Plus, this protects you during any court or legal cases. It’s not uncommon for courts or counties to not keep the best records.
  3. The law isn’t always on your side, but you do have rights – There have been horror story cases in Dallas County about men and women who were forced to pay child support for children who weren’t theirs. Unfortunate and sad cases like these are all too frequent. And this is why having a support base, and access to legal guidance, is so important. SupportPay has a network of family lawyers who can advise and help guide you in your case should you need it. Don’t simply accept that you will be stuck with the lot that the court gives you. Many good fathers and mothers do not get the deal they deserve from the courts and are forced to find other avenues to get justice. And having safe, sound records and places to keep them is the best means possible of protecting yourself legally.
  4. If you’re past due in Dallas County, you will be hit with fines – Parents in Dallas county owe $11 billion in backpay child support. And the state is finding ways to now garnish wages and catch those who evade payment. It’s easier and safer (and right!) to find a way to pay your obligations.

Still have more questions? You can visit the state resources section on Texas child support here, or visit the Dallas County child support website for more info.

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