Labor Day getaways on a budget

Labor Day getaways on a budget

It’s Labor Day weekend and summer vacation is officially over next week, whether we like it or not. I like to milk it for all it’s worth, so my daughter and I usually try to sneak away for a quick getaway over the holiday weekend. Since Labor Day Weekend coincides with back to school time, my budget is usually pretty tight. Either way, we try to squeeze in one last fun weekend before fall comes around. Here are some of our favorite Labor Day weekend getaways on a budget:

Camping at the beach. Living in California, we have no shortage of beaches around here. Check out this post I wrote about camping and how to make it easy. And some of the beaches still let you pop up a tent right on the sand, close enough to hear the waves all night long. My daughter and I love spending time at the beach… laying in the sun, splashing in the waves, collecting seashells, and building sand castles. A camping trip at the beach is an easy getaway for us… it’s a short drive, relatively inexpensive, and loads of fun.

Staycation. Sometimes we can’t get out of town, but we still book a hotel for a couple of nights here in town. We play tourist and hit up local restaurants and museums, jump on the hotel beds, and lounge by the pool. It’s fun to pretend you’re a tourist in your own town, turn off the phone, and just relax.

San Francisco’s fun. We live close to San Francisco and sometimes, we just love to spend the weekend in the big city. Our favorite thing to do is rent bikes downtown and bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. We have lunch in Sausalito and window shop at all the little stores. Then we ride the ferry back. Sometimes we even head up to the lookout point and watch the sun set over the bay and the bridge.

Cruise. Sometimes we get really lucky living in California. I know it sounds extravagant but there are great deals, promise! Since there are lots of ports here, you can usually get a last minute cruise really cheap. I like to look on Priceline or Expedia for the best last minute deals. We’ll hop on a short two or three day cruise up to Vancouver and back. The cruise ships have everything we need to relax and enjoy time together over a long weekend!



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