Is the Governments Way Good Enough

Many people think that when you get a divorce, the systems that are set in place by the government are going to tell you what to do next, and give you the direction that you need. You want to walk away with the right paperwork, and an official order that lays out all the specifics. You also may think that the government is going to enforce those orders so that everyone does what they are supposed to. That they will neatly keep track of everything and communicate with each agency and your ex at the same time. Everyone will be on the same page right? That is not always as easy as it sounds.

Some people might wonder why we would need a system like SupportPay. Is the government way good enough? What else should we be doing? And why?

SupportPay was started because the government really does not have a system set up to keep track of people after those orders are given. Unless one party goes and tells the government about something that needs to be addressed, or that isn’t being followed through on, then it’s “out of sight, out of mind.”

With SupportPay you can have incredible peace of mind that your orders and all the little details are being taken care of. You can put the specifics of your support orders right into SupportPay. Each party will be able to see what their responsibility is each month, and they will get an email reminder to pay their portion. This is incredible follow through! The governmental system is not set up to send reminders or follow up with parents so closely.

Let’s face it, when it comes to support orders, they are important, but they also never fully cover the true living expenses for our child. There are daily needs that go above and beyond the ordered amounts. So, in order to share those added expenses in total honesty, you can add receipts and enter in all expenses into SupportPay so that it is clear what is needed from each parent. SupportPay will track all your monthly expenses, keep a running record, store your receipts and documents, and be an ongoing record of what is happening in the life of your child. Each parent has access to it, no more fighting about what shared costs are and when they are needed, and an easy to use system. This is definitely not something the government can offer.

Give SupportPay a try! It will save you so much time, headache and stress. You can let us take care of all the details and emails and reminders. No more nagging for payments. No more wondering if you are each paying your share fairly. Everything will be tracked and easy to find in one place. You get to focus on raising a happy and healthy child. What more could you ask for?!

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