Why It’s a Good Idea to Track Child Support

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to spend time with my friend who had recently gone through a divorce. It was mostly a fine and amicable divorce – something not many of us can say they’ve had the pleasure to experience. But then child support payments came up, and I found out that he wasn’t actually keeping track of all his payments. As a friend and someone in the industry – I knew he needed to track child support.

For many payers, this is all too common – after all, they’re paying, aren’t they? Should they really have to worry about tracking payments outside of the system?

The answer is yes. Let us explain why.

Unfortunately, there are numerous stories (all true) about how courts lose records of child support payments, even when parents have paid in full. Why does this become an issue? Because then the state will go after you when it makes its own mistake – taking away your license, penalties, garnishing wages. And this is because they made a mistake!

Of course, there are many other reasons to keep track of child support that don’t include the state making a mistake. You need to prepare yourself against potential lawsuits, as well as tracking for financial purposes.

That’s where SupportPay 4.0 comes in. We’ve created the perfect tool to track, monitor and pay your child support so that you can collect payments or protect yourself. We recommend that parents in all situations – friendly or not – use our tool.

We’ve found that all parents are benefitting from using SupportPay, and now you can too. So sign up today. 

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