The New Ways States Are Collecting Child Support

As millions and millions of dollars go uncollected in support payments, states are getting craftier about the ways in which they are going about collecting child support. Take Texas, for example. Just recently Texas changed the law to tie child support payments to car registrations. If a payer fails to make a payment, then the state will not allow said individual to renew their vehicle registration. Texas officials see this as a way to ensure that payments are made on time and to catch some payers who may be skipping out on payments.

There are of course problems inherent in this kind of policy. If someone owes too much in back support to pay, it will lead them to drive without a vehicle registered – or leave them unable to get to work. The state of Texas collects $3.8 billion in child support annually, and this is more than any other state in the country, including California.

These kinds of laws are unfortunate and ultimately unnecessary if you are following proper payment schedules. Collecting child support that is owed is the states job – but they will make it worse if you don’t follow the rules. That is why we have set up SupportPay and launched our latest update, SupportPay 4.0, so that you don’t have to worry about problems like this. We don’t want you to get behind in payments, and our software is a simple way to track, monitor, and schedule child support payments. By staying on time and automating payments, payers won’t have to worry should states start to implement onerous laws like these.

In addition, our latest upgrade also offers:

  • Schedule Base Support
  • Auto track wage garnishments
  • Store Unlimited Docs & Receipts
  • Dispute items
  • Customize alerts & notifications
  • Standard & Custom Category Tracking
  • Long Term Storage & History
  • Online & Live Support

All this and more. So begin getting ahead of the curve and start paying child support now through SupportPay.

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