Feel Secure with SupportPay

Privacy seems to be a thing of the past these days. Everything is out in the open with social media and the media in general. It is hard to hide within the world of immediate information. When it comes to personal privacy, that term seems almost inconsequential. If someone really wants our personal information it seems like they could find a way to get it if they are clever enough. What is the use in hiding then? What is the use in protecting passwords and keeping things secure?

Even if its not the bad guys you are trying to protect yourself from, there is relevance in protecting your identity and your personal information. The harder you make it for people to find, they may stop trying to look. There are plenty of people out there who make it too easy, so you might just want to be one who plays it safe.

Maybe you want to keep your information safe and not share it with your ex. Maybe there are some trust issues there. Whatever the reason, SupportPay understands that need. SO why can you feel secure with SupportPay? Within the SupportPay dashboard you are able to choose what information to share with the other person, and what to keep private. If you would like to keep your phone, email and address to yourself, then you can.

When using our system, just go to the Account Information tab, under Parent Info & Preferences. It is very clear on separating the types of information within the system, and allowing you to choose your preferences for each. The types of information are: Documents, Receipts, Merchants, and Personal Info. For each category you may choose whether or not to share that information with the other parent.

Now you have even more control when it comes to caring for your child’s needs. Whatever the other parent needs to know is right there for them to look at, without you having to hand anything over or call to remind them. Your information and safety is important to us, and we will do our part to ensure your security and peace of mind. And with that, you can put your efforts into safely raising happy and healthy kids.

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