Easiest Way to Pay Child Support

Everything costs money! I remember when my mom used to tell me that money doesn’t grow on trees. Now I know why I heard that all the time. I feel like saying that to my own child (ok, maybe I have). I feel like around every corner there is a new fee, a new activity that costs, field trips, new shoes, new clothes (because, you see…they just keep growing), braces, doctor’s appointments, music lessons, and food! Wow, I really do wish that I had a robust money tree in the back yard.

With every new payment in a co-parenting situation, there is a need to record that payment, keep track of it, and then ask the other parent for their share to help support your child. That is a lot of extra work just to make sure that each parent is taking care of their responsibility. So what is the easiest way to pay child support?  Luckily, with SupportPay, the whole process is made so much easier. Whenever you spend money, you can record that in our system. Take a photo of the receipt or bill, record what you paid, and what the other parent’s portion is, then simply wait for money to show up in your account. Sounds to good to be true, right?

The way that payments work with SupportPay can be all electronic. Each parent needs to have a PayPal account in order to make payments back and forth to each other. Signing up for a PayPal account is very easy. You can link it right to your bank account, and only an email is needed to give to the other parent. You can keep all your information safe. In the payment details section of the Account Management page, you include your PayPal email. If you want to keep your regular email private, then have a separate email account for PayPal.

When a payment is required from the other parent, they will receive an email about what needs to be paid. On the Transaction page of SupportPay both parties are able to see what is there and choose what to pay. They basically send a payment to the other parent by entering the email associated with the PayPal account. It will record the sender and receiver of all payments. The system will store all of this information and you are able to reference what transactions have taken place. All of the details taken care of for you. Imagine having their portion of the payment just show up in your bank account, without having to ask, nag or make a reminder phone call! It might not be a flourishing money tree, but its definitely something beautiful taking place.


  1. gfleurime

    the court asked me to pay $ 360 EVERY MONTH and my son mother caleed and makde a $200 deal every month . should I follow the court order or take the deal from her?

    • Sheri Atwood

      The process for this is different depending on if your payments are going through the state or directly to the other parent. If the payment is going directly to your son’s mother then you can write up the new agreement and have both of you sign it. Even better if you can get both of your signatures notarized, but not completely required. If your payments are processed through the state then you need to file the agreement with the court so that the agreement is recognized. Most county child support services agencies can help you to do this.

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