Dad, SupportPay is the tool you have been looking for; an easy to use solution to organize child support and share expenses.

Starting a shared upbringing is a difficult task. We know you worry about the time spent with your children as well as their financial support. We understand you want to be able to easily track where the money you are spending is going and can offer you the solution you have been searching for. SupportPay is a brilliant tool if you are a dad going through a separation or have been separated for a few years.

You are tired of being constantly nagged by your ex-partner for reminders about expenses. But we understand why; when you finally get to it, you have to manually check everything in order to make sure that the amount owed matches with the payment made by the other parent. And that takes time.

We understand that you want to support your children, but also want to make sure that the money you are spending is indeed being spent on your children. You would rather avoid more discussions about child support payments and expense sharing, but you still want to know where your money is going.

As a single dad, we know you are busy and want the child support and expense sharing process as easy as possible. When you have to show up to court and prove that you indeed made all the payments you were supposed to made, it is often a hassle to have to gather all that information in one place. With the SupportPay app, this process just became 100 times easier, since all the information is already in one place.

There are over 300 million parents who exchange over $900 Billion dollars – directly with each other as well as through the antiquated state systems. In addition, US taxpayers spend over $6 Billion Dollars every year to maintain state child support systems that are legacy, mainframe, custom built & on average 10 years or older. SupportPay is the only solution on the market that can help parents managing child support directly and parents who are sending their child support checks to a state system. SupportPay can save taxpayers billions of dollars while helping parents end financial conflicts so they can focus on what matters most; raising happy and healthy children.

In today’s society, technology is a great ally to simplify your responsibilities as a dad, especially when you live a busy lifestyle. Paying child support and sharing expenses is a common argument topic that takes away from what is really important to you. SupportPay can handle and guide you through the entire child support process making it faster and easier on the whole family.


SupportPay is here to make the expense sharing process easier and faster for both you and your ex-partner. Through our platform, you have access to a detailed list of shared expenses, allowing you to keep track of the payments you are making, and avoiding any misunderstanding. You can spend less time focused on your expenses and spend more time with the ones you love.