Why States Need to Improve Child Support Services

Any parent working with the state on child support and child support services understands the enormous benefits and particular pain points – whether in California or Florida or Texas. Each state has a department dedicated to family and child resources that can assist from collecting payments, gather resources, and finding ways to improve your daily life.

Unfortunately, this is still an area that needs improvement. And some states are starting to take notice.

California child support services in Shasta County is looking to do just that with their latest move to include school supplies in backpacks. Recognizing the basic needs schoolchildren have, they have banded together to gather donations from individuals, community leaders and local businesses. Donations go to supplying backpacks, pencils, rulers, paper, and other essential items.

Texas child support overseers are also taking notice of ways in which to collect more missing child support payments. They are planning to tie vehicle registration to missing child support in an attempt to collect on past funds.

SupportPay looks for a more welcoming approach to fixing what we find are holes in the child support system. While penalties can work, we believe that an inclusive system that provides parents with options, a timeline, and a way to make child support services easier should replace what are too often complicated laws and punishments. After all, there is still too much child support not being collected.

That’s why SupportPay makes it easy for parents to share expenses and to make child support payments a more transparent – and at times collaborative – process. Rather than simply relying on a third party to track, monitor, and (hopefully) pay child support, our tool allows you to handle and track it within one simple space. SupportPay can also be used by both parents to allow for easy communication and visibility.

We started our company because our founder, Sheri Atwood, saw that the states didn’t really have a comprehensive and easy way to help parents navigate the often confusing and stressful process of handling child support. She wanted a place where she could go, automate payments, and be able to get everything done without the hassle of added lawyers, programs, and tracking systems.

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