Camping A great last minute memory maker

Camping A great last minute memory maker

Camping A great last minute memory maker

Every now and again, the stars align and all my weekend “plans” fall apart. With a whole weekend ahead of us and nothing to do, my daughter and I love to head off on a last minute camping adventure. On Friday afternoon, we grab our packing list and start checking things off as we throw them in a duffel bag. Camping A great last-minute memory maker:


Camping – A great last minute memory maker







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The duffel bag goes in the trunk. Then we toss in our tent, two sleeping bags, and a battery-powered lantern. We grab some charcoal, lighter fluid, and a lighter. Next, we pack the cooler full of grill-ready meat, throw a few drinks in there with some ice and we’re out the door. We’ve got it down to a science and we can be on our way to the lake in less than an hour.

For my daughter and I, camping has become a great last minute memory maker. Our schedule is hectic, but we occasionally end up with weekends off… we just usually don’t have enough time to plan a real getaway.

Heading to the lake for the weekend to go camping sounds really simple and maybe even a little boring, but I’ve discovered that there are so many reasons these trips help my daughter and I create memories. Because we have these weekend camping trips several times a year, they have become a tradition that my daughter and I hold very dear. When she’s all grown up, I imagine she will look back on these trips with fond memories of her childhood.

As a single mom running a startup, I’m plugged into technology all the time. Camping at the lake is a great excuse to unplug for the weekend and not worry about email, phone calls, or what’s happening on Facebook. I just put my phone away and focus on being present with my daughter.

Another thing I love about camping with my daughter is that it forces us to be out in nature. There’s no TV to watch and even if you decide to read a book on the lakeshore, you can still enjoy the sand and the sun. My daughter and I like to take walks and explore around the campground and sometimes we fish off the docks. It’s a great time for us to connect and share a life experience.


I’ve also noticed many opportunities for me to teach my daughter important life skills. She learned to make a campfire on a camping trip, she learned to bait a hook on a camping trip, and she learned to spot raccoon tracks on a camping trip.

And of course I love these last minute camping trips because it’s easy to make them happen. As a single mom, I feel like I am constantly making sacrifices. We often don’t have extra funds to take big trips, but camping is easy. It doesn’t take much time to pack or plan, we can drive to a campground in about an hour, and it offers my daughter and I the chance to reconnect in a really short time.

What’s your favorite last minute, low effort trip to take with your kids?