Best Ways to Communicate in a Co-parent Environment

When living in a co-parenting situation, it is often difficult when one parent does something and forgets to tell the other. You end up with possible hurt feelings, tasks left incomplete, or even children forgotten. It is so important to communicate, yet there is always so much going on that communication can break down in the busyness. So what are the best ways to communicate in a Co-parent situation? We have the answer!


With SupportPay, one parent may learn about the system and look into using it without the other having knowledge of it. Luckily, the program can be started by that one parent who is interested and inspired to make their lives easier. Even better then, the second parent receives an email that explains everything.

Once the second parent receives the email communication that clearly explains the program, all they need to do is respond to the email. They open their email and choose “Register Now.” Then enter some brief information and answer a couple questions, and that is it. The second parent is now in the system and ready to utilize the many benefits of open communication and sharing child expenses with ease.

Some of the things that both parents can now do with SupportPay is easily add new expenses or payments, keep certified copies of all transactions, and upload and store documents. All of this is able to be done using the mobile app as well, so its great for busy families on the go, and for parents who struggle with remembering to communicate everything. This also creates one single place to store all of the information that both parents need to access when it comes to their child. If you are a busy co-parent, then this is what you NEED!

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