Best ideas for a fuss free Easter

Best ideas for a fuss free Easter

Every year I walk around the stores and wonder when Easter became the second Christmas? Since when do we need to buy presents for our kids at Easter as well? I grew up getting an Easter basket, but it was a few fun candy treats and a new toothbrush. Simplicity has gone out the window in our culture today. I don’t want my daughter to be completely inundated with stuff at every possible holiday celebration throughout the year. She has enough stuff! Stuff turns into clutter, which turns into more around the house that lies around not getting cleaned up. Not to mention, the overabundance of stuff leads to dissatisfaction and often ungratefulness in our kids.


I have always believed that you need to learn to take care of what you have before you get more. Kids in our society today are given so much, when they already have plenty. So, this Easter I want to focus on giving a simple, meaningful Easter basket instead of a multitude of gifts that will pile on top of what they just got for Christmas. Teaching our children an attitude of gratitude will not only help ease the budget and the clutter, but it is a life skill that will take them far in life.


Here are the top 3 ideas for a fuss free Easter basket, or keeping it simple this year.

  1. Unconventional Easter Basket Ideas
  2. Free-n-Fun Easter Ideas
  3. Not Just Candy


A few other reminders on keeping it simple:

  1. Set a budget. Remember, this doesn’t need to be a second Christmas.
  2. Let siblings help. If you have multiple children, let them help create and fill and give ideas for the other one.
  3. Include something that will allow them to give back. Maybe a pack of thank-you cards that they will write to people. A little craft project that they can make for someone else.
  4. Focus on what Easter means to your family. Is it all about the bunny? Is it a spiritual celebration? Make sure your kids know the purpose behind it for your family.