Beat the Heat on the Cheap

Beat the Heat on the Cheap

Beat the Heat on the Cheap

Are you sweltering this summer? Beat the heat on the cheap. Other than taking an ice bath, sometimes we need a jump start on some good ideas to keep cool this summer without breaking the bank! There are tons of creative ways to stay cool, and keep the kids busy too.

Staying hydrated

  • Drink lots! Sometimes plain water gets boring though and kids don’t want to drink it.
  • Add fruit to your water.
  • Freeze mashed fruit in ice trays and add it to water.
  • Make popsicles.
  • Use squirt guns or spray bottles to spray water in each other’s mouths.

Fun activities

  • Make ice cream – in a baggie. This is a great way to work for something yummy…and cool! Check these directions for the simple ingredients and process.
  • Homemade slip-n-slide – all you need is a roll of plastic, soap and a hose!
  • DIY water park – get some PVC pipe and get creative with where to make the water go.
  • Break Open the Ice – freeze some small desirable items or toys inside of a big block of ice. The kids can use tools and things to work on the block outside and smash their toys out.
  • Freezy Tees Contest – prepare a t-shirt for everyone by getting it wet, wringing it out and folding it. Place folded shirts between wax paper and place all in the freezer. When they are stiff, pass them out, and see who can get theirs on the fastest. This will definitely keep you cool! Make sure to have the video camera ready too!


  • Cheap summer movies – just about all cities and towns are now offering discounted summer movies for kids. Check your local theater for listings.
  • Go on a tour – many factories offer pretty inexpensive tours. Go learn how something works or how its made.
  • Join the library summer reading program – some offer fun incentives for the kids.
  • Sign up for a free trial membership at the gym or YMCA. Some places allow a 30 trial membership and you can take advantage of camps, classes, and the pool.