Back to School Deals

Back to School Deals

Back to School Deals

Why are we already talking about back to school? It feels crazy to me that it can even be close to that time, but you definitely see it in the stores as early as July! I guess different school districts start at a variety of times from late July to Labor Day. Whenever you have to get back to the grind and out of summer mode, you are going to want some good deals to lighten the mood.


All the big stores have sales on school supplies but how do you know which sale is best, and that you are actually getting the lowest prices? Check out the comparison of all major stores and their sales HERE. Also, stick to the list! Your kids might ask for this, that and the other of the latest, coolest gadgets. However, the schools and teachers supply a list for a reason. They only need what is on the list, and the teachers don’t want them having much else, so don’t overdo it, and don’t break the bank.


Here again, there are only so many days of the week. Most kids don’t need the amount of clothes their closets are stuffed with. Be sure to go through and get rid of things and see what they really need first.

Many of the big stores now also have uniform options if your school does that. Walmart, Target, Sears, JCPenny, Kohl’s and Old Navy, just to name a few. There are some sites that will help you find coupons to print or codes so you can shop online, such as,, and

Lunch and Water Containers

There are a plethora of choices when it comes to these. The kids always want a certain color or character on their stuff. But when it comes to lunch boxes and water bottles, I have to veto all decisions based on how well they come clean, stay sturdy and don’t leak. After all, I am the one cleaning them! So, while there are many choices, I have found great, eco friendly choices on, Zullily, PlanetBox, Laptop Lunches, and YumBox.

Giving Back

I really love that many of the stores are helping give to kids in need. Not everyone can afford new stuff for school, and its important for me to help my kid understand that. Stores like Target and Walmart already have give-back programs, where if you buy their brand of school supply, they will give one to kids in need. Great! Other eco-friendly stores will give back to the community and the environment just because you buy from them. Maybe there is a neighbor or kid that you know who could use some help with school supplies this year. Offer to take them shopping with you, or have your child deliver some supplies to their door. Any way we can teach our kids that they aren’t the center of the universe is great for the community, their own self esteem and awareness, and a help to our world.