Back to school round up

Back to school round up

Back to school round up

It’s that time of year again when summer is ending and back to school has snuck up on us once again. I have to admit that even though it’s sad to see summer almost over, I secretly love back to school shopping with my daughter! We’ve already started making our list. Here are our top five back to school must haves:

1. an Eco friendly lunch box – My daughter brings her lunch to school almost every day, so getting a nice reliable lunch kit is important. Brown bags that end up in the trash are a thing of the past in our house… and we’ve fallen in love with Eco Lunchbox! They sell stainless steel lunch kits with reusable bags and their designs are perfect for any age.

2. a high quality Backpack – When my daughter was younger, every year at back to school time, we’d search through all the character backpacks at Wal-Mart until she could decide between Barbie and Disney princesses. She loved her backpack, but I always ended up making a mid school-year run to the store to replace it once a strap or zipper broke. We’re taking a different approach this year and getting a higher quality backpack that she won’t outgrow anytime soon. This backpack from North Face is perfect for going to school every day and also doubles as an overnight bag during our summer camping getaways.

3. the perfect pair of jeans – My daughter is at the age where she loves fashion and clothes. But she’s also at the age where it can be difficult to find age appropriate clothes in some stores! We’ve managed to find a great compromise and we’ll be headed to Justice soon so she can pick out jeans she loves. I see many pairs of jeggings in our near future.

4. a personalized notebook – The school always sends a long list of necessary supplies like pencils and scissors that we have to purchase for back to school. But we always make sure to get my daughter a special notebook. She loves to doodle and write letters (what tween girl doesn’t?!) and it’s always fun to have something unique. This year, she picked out a personalize notebook from Zazzle with photos of her best friends on the front.

5. a great iPhone case – It’s a fact of life these days that most tweens and teens have cell phones or iPods and my daughter is no different. This school year, we’re opting for a better iPhone case… one that will actually protect the phone from breaking when she drops it twenty two times AND looks cute enough that she isn’t embarrassed carrying it around.


What’s on your must-have list this year?