SupportPay Makes it Simple to Manage

and Transfer Alimony Payments!

Alimony (sometimes called spousal support) is a payment one spouse makes to the other, during or after divorce- for the support and maintenance of the lower-earning spouse. Alimony is meant to provide for the former spouse, like child support is meant to provide for the children. Alimony can be paid with many methods, like cash, check, or bank transfer. So why choose SupportPay to make or receive your alimony payments?

Records Are Critical

  • You are required to keep accurate, up-to-date payment records
  • If you have a dispute about payments, it is up to you to prove the dispute with your records
  • SupportPay keeps legally-admissible, court-certified records downloadable at the touch of a button.
  • You do not need to worry about keeping cancelled checks, digging for old bank statements, or managing spreadsheets

The IRS May Require Your Records

  • Most alimony payments in place today have tax consequences for both spouses
  • Both spouses are subject to IRS rules that require a written record of support transactions
  • When spouses cannot prove the exact of alimony paid/received, or if they have a dispute, one or both can be subject to back taxes and IRS penalties

Tracking and Transferring Payments Made Easy

  • Cash is not traceable, checks and bank transfers require the exchange of private financial data, and apps like Venmo provide no record of receipt
  • SupportPay keeps each spouse’s financial information completely confidential and secure
  • Wage garnishments (sometimes called assignments) give spouses no flexibility to pay early, late, or in installments
  • Wage garnishments are disclosed to the paying spouse’s employer
  • SupportPay provides total flexibility, confidentiality, and security – you will always know your payment was made or received
  • Payments can be made and received in your preferred method – PayPal or E-Check

Minimize Conflict and Disputes with SupportPay

  • You never have to talk to your ex about money when transfers are made through SupportPay
  • Disputes can be handled through our proprietary conflict-resolution process
  • Spouses are more likely to pay support when using SupportPay
  • If you must go to court, you do not have to pay an attorney thousands of dollars to compile your support history – it’s all here

Try SupportPay Today!

Begin to manage and transfer your alimony through SupportPay today. Our no-cost lite version and affordable premium subscription provide solutions to common alimony problems for tens of thousands of users already.