It just got easier with SupportPay!


“EASY” – Not really the first word that comes to mind when talking about child support. So many questions…How do I manage the expenses with my ex-spouse? How should I communicate what is needed when we can’t even have a civil conversation? How do I keep track of everyday costs? How can I remember to file all my receipts? These are all of the questions, and more, that SupportPay answers for you. And guess what? We make it EASY.

The registration process to get started with SupportPay is so simple and quick. Enter your personal information, your then your ex’s information. Once you are in the system, then it will send the invite to your ex for you! It will give them an invitation to register, and it is FREE of course for both of you.

You then enter each child’s information into the system. That way, you can track each child’s expenses separately. You can have specific categories for each child related to their activities and needs. Since this is all in the system for each month, it keeps record of it too for the future…which will come in handy when you can’t remember which kid did what in what month!

Now start entering in your recurring expenses. If you know what costs come up automatically each month, put those in first. These would calculated amounts like child support payments or alimony. Once they are in there, you won’t have to put them in each month. Then as you incur other expenses, add those transactions. SupportPay will automatically calculate each parent’s portion of the expense and send out those email reminders to pay if necessary. If you share all expenses based on a percentage, such as 80/20, we will calculate each transaction based on that information.

If you’re the first parent to set up the account, you have done all the hard work! Good and bad maybe, but you will have made sure its all in there and set up correctly. When the invitation is sent to the second parent, all they have to do is basically accept it. They can review the information and see exactly what is required each month.

There is no easier way to manage your shared child expenses then with SupportPay! We are the only company out there today creating an online management tool for child support with you in mind. We don’t want you to spend all your time and energy in case management, we hope to make your life easier so you can focus on raising happy, healthy kids!

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