13 Ways to Celebrate Your Mother

It is that time of year again. Spring. Easter has passed, and now on to Mother’s Day. Time to start thinking about how to honor the mom or moms or grandmas in your life. Moms need to feel loved and appreciated every day, but Mother’s Day is a good reminder to do something extra special and to put a little forethought into it. Even though you may be separated from the mother of your child, it is important to help your child do something special for their mom. It will help her be a better mom. Here are 13 ways to celebrate your Mother. Whether it is a special card, a trip, a day off, or quality time, there are many ways to show appreciation for mom. It really depends on what mom wants too. So don’t be afraid to ask what she would like this year? What would make her feel most special? Let her help choose, and then enjoy giving the gift.

Creative Ideas:

  • Candy Bar Cards – get creative with your words and the names of candy bars. Use them in phrases. Check here for some fun examples.
  • Love Links – make a paper chain out of cute paper, where each link says something nice about mom, what you love about her, or why you are thankful for her.
  • Write her a song

Quality Time Ideas:

  • Plan an Exotic Picnic – if you can’t travel far, that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend. Plan a Paris themed picnic, or a Tropical picnic to the beach. Dress the part, get food that fits, play the right themed music and enjoy the moment.
  • Cook together – find a yummy spring recipe or bake a treat together
  • Plant some flowers, start a veggie garden, or plant a tree in honor of someone special in your life.
  • Plan a hike or take a drive to a new place

Day off Ideas:

  • Pampering – she could enjoy a morning or day at the spa
  • Let her go to lunch out with friends
  • Breakfast in bed or Dinner out – anything where she doesn’t have to do the normal day to day routine
  • Take carpool for the day
  • Have the kids an extra night if that gives her a break
  • Do all the laundry and put it away

Whatever you do, enjoy the day with mom. Help her enjoy the day. And remember to not stop showing her love and appreciation the day after Mother’s Day!

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