Best Graduation Party Ideas

Do you have a graduate this year? Do you go hopping from one graduation party to the next? Maybe you are looking for some party ideas to knock your kids’ socks off. It’s time for something fun and different to impress your graduate and their friends. Here are my best Graduation party ideas

Graduation Theme Ideas –

  • School Colors – whether you use their high school colors, or the colors/mascot of the college they will be attending, this gives a great starting point for a theme, the decor and even food.
  • Growth and Change – include photo collages and photo banners to decorate. Use flower pots as centerpieces with photos on sticks. Use a piggy bank as the centerpiece that says “college fund.” Put a large white graduation cap as a centerpiece or main feature with sharpies so that people can write messages.

Graduation Food –

Chocolate covered strawberries, pirouette cookies that look like diplomas, cupcakes that look like graduation caps…there are SO many ideas for food and treats. See here and here for photos and recipes!

Graduation Gift Ideas –

I remember getting gifts for graduation where I thought, “Where am I going to put this?” or “What is this used for?” or “Do I have to take this with me when I go to college?” You want to give grads a gift that will be useful and appreciated. I know money is always a good go-to, however I would like to be a little more creative at finding something special that can be enjoyed. Here are EIGHT useful and exciting possible gifts for your graduate:

  1. Luggage – they will need to pack up and move if they are going to college, so a nice new suitcase or bag may be just what they need.
  2. Bike – on many college campuses, biking is key! Saves time, money and gas.
  3. Subscriptions – maybe a magazine, a gym membership, an amusement park…think of something useful and fun that is helpful to your grad, and pay for a year!
  4. Laptop bag – they will be carting their electronics to class every day. A good bag is essential and should be comfortable.
  5. Car Safety Kit – their car should be equipped with a safety/first aid kit so they are safe as they travel. Be sure it include flares, and jumper cables. And then teach the grad how to use all of it, if they don’t already know.
  6. Personalized Stuff – whether its jewelry, a pillow, wall art, a mug, a wallet, a pocket knife…there are lots of cool ideas to personalize or monogram things. Get creative.
  7. Gifts cards – of course this is just like cash, but you can be a little more specific about how you want them to spend it. Get creative and check out what is around their new college campus, or wherever they are headed, and create a little “day out” with your gift cards.
  8. Home Reminder – something unique that can remind them of home. A cool map, a photo, a collage.
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