There’s A Simple Way for Parents to Share Expenses


After going through the pain of a divorce, and everything settles down, you’re left with some big questions – how do we share expenses for our children? No one likes to answer this one – to many, it brings back memories of fights over money, or having to work with an ex on problems that you just know you’ll never solve. But here’s the reality – you’re going to have to talk about shared parenting expenses sooner or later.

When we were still figuring out the best way to serve parents, we knew that shared expenses was a problem we had to solve. How can our product best address the problem of parents who need to exchange money and share costs, but who may have no interest or desire in talking to one another again (or for a very long time?)

That’s why our product, SupportPay 4.0, is the solution to the problem. Within our system you can easily and quickly track, monitor, child support payments, along with tracking shared expenses.

This is why if you’re a mother or father receiving child support income, you should get your ex into the system as quickly as possible.

We’ve found, time and time again, that our product makes it easier for each party and brings a peace of mind. Shared expenses no longer have to be guesswork or filled with distrust. And you no longer have to call, text, or message your ex to have a conversation. The entire conversation can be done right in our back end – quickly and easily.

Sharing parent expenses in a smart, safe way is going to make your life of parenting that much better. Try SupportPay today for free and get started using the product. We have clients who swear by our system and now won’t use anything else. Once you get the other parent onboard and start sharing expenses together, you’re going to see that SupportPay is your solution.

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