Navigating Challenges, Finding Empowerment

Navigating Challenges, Finding Empowerment

Meet Michelle

Michelle is a dedicated mother of three beautiful children and the Senior Director of Product Strategy and Implementation at MHK Health, a Hearst company. Balancing her demanding career with the responsibilities of motherhood, Michelle embodies resilience and strength.

However, Michelle’s journey has not been without its challenges. As a survivor of domestic violence, she has faced significant hurdles. Legal restrictions prevent any communication with her ex-husband, ensuring the safety of herself and her family. This situation made managing child support a complex and stressful task.

Providing Safety and Security

In 2022, MHK Health, striving to support its employees, introduced SupportPay as a benefit. SupportPay's innovative platform simplifies the process of sharing, managing and tracking, expenses, payments and schedules, providing a secure and efficient solution to the complexities of financial management. Recognizing its potential, Michelle decided to fully embrace SupportPay as an employee benefit in 2023.

Since then, SupportPay has become an invaluable tool for Michelle. It has allowed her to handle child support payments without the need for direct communication with her ex-husband, significantly reducing her stress. Michelle is now able to focus more on her career and her children, knowing that SupportPay is taking care of the financial management aspects of her situation.

"If I didn't have this application, I would be spending a lot of money in attorneys fees to transact all of that correspondence, or I'd be going to court more frequently than I already am. It's incredibly helpful to know that I can leverage SupportPay to ensure that I have the power to submit and document receipts, and it goes through a third party intermediary directly to my ex-spouse. It gives me a significant level of feeling safe, and that's something I struggle with every day."

Through her use of SupportPay, Michelle has found a way to navigate a difficult personal situation with dignity and ease, all while excelling in her professional role. Her story is a powerful testament to the impact of thoughtful, employee-focused benefits and the unwavering determination of parents in the workforce.

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Do You Know a Survivor of Domestic Violence?

If you or someone you know is a survivor of domestic violence, we offer SupportPay Premium completely free of charge, no questions asked. Click below to learn more.