Six Stellar Mompreneurs

There are some amazing women out there doing amazing things. I am constantly in awe by the talent that fellow Mom’s have. Moms are some of the best multi-taskers around. In the midst of motherhood, diapers, feedings, carpooling, and lunch making, our minds are working to find what might make life easier, simpler or just plain better. In those moments of greatest need is when the mompreneur brain takes off. Take a look at these women who saw a need, created a solution, and turned it into a successful business.

Mompreneurs ideas:

Teresa Delfin, created Mountain Mama, a clothing line for outdoor maternity wear. She is an outdoor enthusiast even in the cold weather. As her pregnant belly grew and the temperature dropped, she couldn’t find long underwear to fit. Teresa started designing, and now has a line of maternity outdoor clothing, as well as outdoor themed onesies.

Jessica Iclisoy, created California Baby, a line of natural baby-care products. She was a new mom and realized that many of the baby care products contained allergens and suspected carcinogens. Her first product was her own natural baby shampoo that she made, which eventually evolved into an entire line of products. They now have their own production facility and sell at Whole Foods, Target and Babies’RUs.

Sari Crevin, created BooginHead, a line of baby/kid products to make parents’ lives easier. She was tired of picking up sippy cups off the floor. A type of connector strap was created that would keep the cups and pacifiers off the floor, and instead tethered to the child or stroller. That has evolved into other snacking containers, customized pacifiers and more. Sold at Target and Amazon.

Mindy Berkson, created Lotus Blossom Consulting, an infertility consultancy. She spent more than three years trying to conceive. After having her twins, she realized that there was nobody helping parents understand the legal, financial, and emotional situations that come up during fertility treatments. Mindy created a consulting firm to advocate for intended parents, and now even consults internationally because the need is so great.

Kristin Ellsworth, created Peeps Eyewear, kid-friendly eyewear. Her young daughter looked in the mirror one day at her glasses, and remarked that princesses do not wear glasses, as she threw them to the floor. Kristin wanted to make children feel like wearing glasses what not a have-to but a get-to. Each set of Peeps Eyewear gets delivered with a motivational storybook and dress up accessories for preschool aged children. Her goal in to enable young children to be anything they want to be, and to feel beautiful with glasses.

Michelle Staley, created Busy Breathers, the backpack that keeps your child breathing. Staley’s son was born premature and had lung problems. He got to come home but would need to be on oxygen. She created a little backpack that accommodates a small oxygen cylinder, has an opening for the tube and a mesh window to read the gauge. This product has helped many parents, as there are 500,000 babies born premature each year, but has now also expanded to helping adults that need oxygen as well.

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