Virginia Child Support

The Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE)

“is proud of the work we do to help children in Virginia. Last year, DCSE located 153,868 noncustodial parents, established 7,768 paternities and collected more than $639 million (an increase of 1.5 percent over the previous year) for the children of Virginia. Still, unpaid child support is a significant problem. Currently, there are 353,000 child support cases in Virginia. Collectively, 422,000 of Virginia’s children are owed more than $2.6 billion.” — DCSE

Virginia DSS

Division of Child Support Enforcement, Department of Social Services
801 East Main Street, 12th Floor
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Office: (800) 257-9986
Fax: (804) 726-7476