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Figuring out a child support order in Massachusetts can be challenging, especially if one parent lives out of state. There are a few different ways to calculate who will receive child support in Massachusetts, but the most common method is by using the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines.

These guidelines take into account both parents’ incomes and the needs of the child when determining how much child support should be paid. The court will ultimately decide on a support amount based on a variety of factors, such as the ages of the children and the parent’s earnings.

What is the Mass. DOR CSE?

This is a common abbreviation for the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement division.

The Child Support Enforcement division, or CSE, is responsible for helping families receive the child support that they are owed. They have services to help with locating absent parents, helping establish paternity, and collecting and distributing payments. They also provide resources and information on child support guidelines and financial responsibilities. Their main concern is to enforce the state law.

How do I calculate Massachusetts child support?

The Department of Revenue guidelines take into account the needs of the child and both parents’ incomes to determine the appropriate amount of child support. The court will also consider other factors such as the ages of the children and the parent’s earnings when making a decision on child support.

The easiest way to quickly determine your estimated child support is by using our child support calculator.

Child Support Orders in Massachusetts

Child support in Massachusetts is generally paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent. In cases where both parents share custody, the Department of Revenue guidelines will generally require that the higher earner pay child support to the lower earner. But, this can vary depending on who is the child’s caretaker.

Massachusetts law also provides for situations in which one parent is completely absent from the child’s life. In these cases, the other parent will be required to pay child support.

Guidelines Can Change

It is important to note that the guidelines are subject to change at any time. It’s always best to consult with local legal services before making any decisions regarding your child support order. Massachusetts courts have a great deal of discretion when it comes to parents who pay child support, and the amount ordered by the court may be significantly different from the amount that would be calculated using the guidelines.

Additional Resources

If you are having difficulty calculating your financial responsibility, there are a number of services and resources we can provide for you. Be sure to check out our resources below.

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