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The Truth About Domestic Violence

Financial instability often causes victims of domestic violence to stay with or return to abusive partners. To establish stable, violence-free homes for themselves and their children, victims must have consistent, reliable financial support.

Most domestic violence victims forego support and expense reimbursement for many reasons:

  • Fears of additional violence
  • Trouble maintaining accurate records when experiencing high stress or moving between temporary homes
  • Lack of a reliable method to receive support and collect reimbursements for additional expenses
  • Concerns for their confidentiality, such as the inability to send or receive checks as it may include location and financial information
  • Court orders prohibit communicating, or they lack a safe and recorded mode of communication, both creating a barrier to sending or receiving payments and resolving financial disputes

The Solution

Enter SupportPay , the first automated financial platform to manage child support, spousal support, and children’s additional expenses directly between parents. Whether parents are paying support directly between each other, or through state agencies, SupportPay helps them safely organize, manage, and transfer payments without exchanging confidential personal or financial information.


SupportPay eliminates the need for direct communication, maintains legally-admissible records of all communications and transactions, and provides a dispute resolution process. By offering SupportPay Premium for FREE to families experiencing violence, we help children get the support they deserve, giving families a greater chance at financial stability while minimizing the risk that victims return to abusive partners.

Key Features

✅  Add, view & save expenses, payments, receipts & payment proof

✅  Schedule recurring expenses & payments

✅  Send & receive payments via your bank or PayPal, or record manual payments,

      while keeping your account data private

✅  Customize expense tracking by child, custom categories and/or merchants

✅  Review, dispute and resolve financial disagreements through advanced conflict management        methods, while ensuring other payments continue to flow through the system

✅  Decide what information is shared and what is kept private

✅  Pay multiple items or send a partial payment

✅  Eliminate manual expense entry by uploading a receipt – automatically scanning data

✅  Pay the other parent or pay directly to merchant

✅  Store, save, export and print legally-admissible certified records for court & tax purposes

✅  Easily upload, store, and share documents

Providing Financial Stability

Lack of financial stability and inability to meet basic needs often leads victims to reconcile with abusers. SupportPay provides the ability to gain financial stability without risk of violence.


Domestic violence survivors lack a reliable, confidential method to pursue reimbursement for additional expenses (medical, childcare, educational) - even if using State systems to collect base support


SupportPay can be used by one or both parents, whether parents pay support through state systems or directly between each other

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