Ittavi Wins First Place – Funders & Founders Life 3.0

Ittavi Wins First Place – Funders & Founders Life 3.0

The Best Start Up

Ittavi was recognized as both the best startup by participants and by an investor panel at Life 3.0 – Startups that are changing the way you live.

The Funders & Founder event focused on Life 3.0 topics and July’s forum highlighted companies that “change the way we live”. We couldn’t think of a better way to describe the mission of Ittavi. We really are focused on making modern family life easier. Of course, that starts with Ittavi Child Support Manager which will end the conflict around child support by helping parents manage their child support payments.

The show opened by having the attendees view the companies that were exhibiting. Each attendee received 1 coin to vote for the startup they felt was the best. After a great night talking to hundreds of people we tallied up our votes and had received the most by the attendees.

The top 3 startups then went on stage and provided a 2 minute pitch to a 5 person investor panel. The panel members asked a few questions and then placed their vote. We were very happy to hear we were also voted the best by the investor panel.

Not bad for our first event. Clearly, people are seeing that there is a huge need to meet the demands of this under-served market.

The event was our first startup competition and took place on July 11th, 2012.