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News Coverage


Legal Tech News

Meet The Female Founders of Legal Tech


2024 Sales & Marketing Tips: Ensuring Employee Wellness


100 Sales & Marketing Tips: 2024 Edition


3 Strategies to Supercharge Wellness Benefits

American Inno

National Beat: Investors react to VC firm's collapse, Reid Hoffman on OpenAI fiasco and more


Worst Acronym Ever


Sheri Atwood: Pioneering an innovative solution in the child support domain

HR Daily Advisor

Best of A Seat at the Table Podcast 2023

This Week In Fintech

Ending 2023 with two $300M+ fintech rounds

Venture Capital Access Online

SupportPay Lands $3.1M to Deliver a Unique Employee Benefit for Parents, Family Members, and Caregivers...


SupportPay Inks $3.1M Oversubscribed Seed

Charlotte Biz Journal

After move here from California, startup lands $3M capital boost

HR Daily Advisor

Best of Benefits & Compensation 2023

Benefits Pro

3 Ways to Improve Wellness Benefits for Employees

Senior Executive

15 Initiatives and Technologies Emerging in DEI

Charlotte Biz Journal

Online child-support startup SupportPay moves HQ to Charlotte from California


9 Best Expense Tracker Apps


Navigating the World of Tech Investing and Pioneering in Venture Capital


5 Strategies for Overcoming Gender Bias in Entrepreneurship

HR Brew

Why fintech firm SupportPay thinks employers should invest in caregiving benefit

Employee Benefit News

What do caregiving and divorce have in common? Financial stress for employees


Disability Empowerment: How Fintechs Help Us Overcome Physical, Cognitive Challenges


SupportPay launches tool for sharing, managing and tracking expenses between caregivers

HR Executive

HR Tech Check: Building confidence in AI

Fintech Finance News

First-ever Fintech Solution for Sharing, Managing, and Tracking Expenses Between Caregivers

Human Resource Director

Employers step up to support workers going through divorce


Divorce benefits: How companies are helping workers navigate separation

HR Daily Advisor

How Supportive Benefits Can Help Reduce Turnover


The needs of single parents are often overlooked...


6 Predictions for People Managers in 2023

Financial Planning

Families, couples, ex-couples: Fintechs delve into shared...

American Banker

Families, couples, ex-couples: Fintechs delve into shared...

Human Resource Executive

These are the 3 benefits areas primed for growth in 2023

HR Daily Advisor

Supporting Your Employees with Better Benefits...


DE&I in 2023: Experts Forecast Layoffs, Remote Work...

Health Leaders

Supporting Your Employees with Better Benefits...


2023: An HRDs guide to what lies ahead

HR Dive

‘No one’s talking about it’: Divorced employees need...

People Matters

Broke and broken-hearted: How to support staff amid...

California Start Ups

100 California, United States Based Parenting...

Why Benefits After A Divorce Is Critical For Your Employees

Divorce Mediation Pro...

The Most Helpful Apps To Manage Custody, Finances...

Employee Benefit News

This app supports working parents going through...

Human Resource Director

How can HR support staff who are going through a divorce?


Hearst joins employers expanding benefits to include...

SupportPay Launches First-of-its-Kind Employee Benefit...

The Fintech Times

SupportPay Launches Employee Benefits Solution for...

Human Resource Director

How can HR support staff who are going through a divorce?

The Fintech Times

SupportPay Launches Employee Benefits Solution for Work...

World Leaders

SupportPay: Providing a Ground-breaking New Approach

Global Fintech Series

Global Fintech Series announces the launch of our new web...

Perceptive X

Striving for Change: Inspiring Women Leaders, 2021


A Bad Breakup With A Vc Guides Current Raise Of...

CIO Views

Pioneering an innovative solution in the child...


What Motherhood Taught Me About Perfecting a...

BELLA Magazine

7 BELLA Bosses We Admire This April!

Perceptive X

‘The Will to Succeed’ helped Sheri Atwood build the first...

Billion Success

Sheri Atwood – Revolutionizing Modern Family...


5 Things You Need to Know to Survive and Thrive During...

Insight Success

Making Children’s Lives Better

Grit Daily

Covid-19 Plunges Modern Families Into Financial Chaos


Female Disruptors: Sheri Atwood of SupportPay On...


Rising Divorce Rates Drive High Demand and New Funding...

The Business Berg

Sheri Atwood: A Resolute Leader who Aims to Cross...


Resilience with Determination Makes SupportPay...


Rising The Gender Gap in VC Funding Is Even Worse for...

Sacramento Business Journal

Ousted SupportPay founder returns to relaunch company

Insight Success

Sheri Atwood: An Intersection of Technology...

CIO Look

Sheri Atwood: An Optimistic, Persistent and...

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