Employee Benefits Introduction


Employee Benefits Introductions

We are grateful for your support in fostering our growth, especially through strategic introductions to key executives and companies within your network. 

To assist you in this effort, we’ve crafted several email templates that you can use to make the introduction. Feel free to tailor it to your voice and context as you make these introductions.

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Our Target Audience

Ideal Companies / Organizations:

  • Organizations: Employers with 5,000+ employees
  • Benefits Consultants, Brokers and/or HR Advisory Services Organizations (example: Gallagher, Mercer, AON)
  • Strategic Partners who sell into the employee benefits space or who market to caregivers in the consumer space

Ideal Job Titles:

  • HR Executives with title that may include: Benefits, Total Rewards, Compensation Specialist, Chief People Officer, etc.
  • VP or above, or the C-Suite at these companies so they will introduce us to their HR department and can be a champion
  • Consultants / Brokers: Account Executives, Innovation Teams, Vendor Management

Email #1 - Intro

This purpose of this email is to make initial contact, introduce SupportPay and understand if they are willing to take an introduction. 

You can choose to CC:, or wait until they agree to an introduction. 

Subject: Introduction to SupportPay: Innovative New Employee Benefit


Hope this email finds you well! Given your leadership and expertise at your organization I wanted to introduce you to SupportPay. They are delivering a first-of-its-kind employee benefit built specifically to improve the financial and mental wellbeing of parents and caregivers. When it comes to managing, tracking and sharing expenses, payments and schedules between family members, employees are struggling to manage a very conflict ridden, stressful and time-consuming process on their own.

SupportPay enables organizations to deliver a personalized benefit to an often ignored employee population while delivering an automated platform that directly reduces the time spent on caregiving tasks related to finances by over 80%.

Their current customers have seen a significant reduction in employee turnover and substantial productivity improvements, ultimately delivering a measurable ROI to organizations.

Key Highlights:

  • Huge Need: Estimated 70%+ of employees could benefit from SupportPay
  • Demonstrated ROI savings using their ROI calculator:
  • Proven Solution: Over 100,000 users on the platform and managed over $650 million dollars in expenses and payments to date
  • Global: Being used in all 50 states and 70+ countries
  • Proven Success: Already partnered with 6 Fortune 500 companies
  • Affordable: Pricing starts at $0.99 cents per employee per month

You can read more about this offering in the SupportPay Benefits Brochure

I really believe your organization would benefit from learning more about SupportPay. In addition, given your leadership in this space, Sheri Atwood, SupportPay’s Founder & CEO, would love any insight or feedback you would be willing to provide.

Would you be willing to spend 30 minutes with Sheri to learn more about SupportPay and provide your feedback and insight?

Thank you very much and hope all is well!

Best regards, {YOUR NAME}

Copy Text

Email #2 - Agreed to Meet

Once they agree to a meeting, please make sure to CC: This email is to pass off the referral for us to handle from this point forward, or as long as you wish to be involved.

Subject (Optional): {RECIPIENT NAME}, Meet Sheri Atwood, CEO of SupportPay!


Dear {RECIPIENT NAME} and Sheri,

I am pleased to facilitate an introduction between the two of you.

Sheri, {RECIPIENT NAME} has shown a keen interest in learning more about SupportPay. I have provided a quick overview but will allow you both to take it from here. 

{RECIPIENT NAME}, please let Sheri know a few times that work for you or you can also schedule a meeting directly on Sheri’s Calendar.

I am confident that this connection will be mutually beneficial. 

Best regards,

[Your Name]

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