Introduce SupportPay to Your Network

Introduce SupportPay to Your Network


We Need Your Help!

We would appreciate you introducing us to other HR leaders in your network. To make it easier, we have provided a few options that you can use to make your introductions. Or feel free to edit as you please!


If possible, please include Sheri on the email using the following email address so that we can follow up:

Introduction to SupportPay

Feel free to use the below email text as a starting point for
sharing SupportPay as a benefit program to your colleagues:

Subject: You need to learn about this affordable benefit for working parents


Even though divorce is the second most stressful life event, there is a lack of benefits offered by employers to support these employees. In addition, 70% of the workforce is directly impacted by divorce and their coworkers. By providing SupportPay, you will stand out as a thought leader and benefits innovator.


I wanted to introduce you to an innovative company that delivers a unique employee benefit that supports working parents during and after divorce or separation. SupportPay is a comprehensive co-parenting solution that helps working parents manage support, expenses, custody, and communications.


The best part is that SupportPay helps parents focus during work hours, reduces absenteeism, increases productivity, and improves the bottom line. The solution is incredibly affordable, and they are seeing 5%+ utilization within 3 months after rollout.


Sheri would love to have a quick conversation. Please let her know a time that is convenient for you or you can book directly on her calendar here:

Provide Advice to SupportPay

We are equally thankful for any feedback we can acquire about our platform and how we can better improve upon our benefits program. Please use the below text as a starting point for requesting advice from your colleagues:

Subject Option 1:

Your feedback on an innovative employee benefit


Subject Option 2:

15 minutes? Your expertise on a unique benefit


I recently met Sheri Atwood, CEO of SupportPay, who delivers an affordable, innovative, and unique employee benefit for working parents. As a fellow benefit leader, would you be willing to spend 15 minutes with Sheri to share your feedback and thoughts on this offering?


We recently launched this benefit to our employees and have achieved 5%+ utilization in less than 3 months.


Please let Sheri know a time that works for you or you can book directly on her calendar here:

Thank you,

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Download our employee/employer data
sheets to share with your colleagues:

Our Brand Kit

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