SupportPay delivers a unique set of tools to help employee's through qualified life events such as marriage, divorce or partner separation.

Our platform allows individuals to track, manage and pay support payments easily, reducing conflict and emotional stress that individuals face during this time that results in productivity loss.

  • Make Payments

    Track, manage and pay support payments easily with our mobile app. Know exactly what, where and who your payments are going too . . . Your kids!

  • Receive Payments

    Don’t wait weeks or months for child support or alimony. Get limitless, instant transactions for single items or monthly support, and everything in between. Receive child support faster than ever!

  • Lifetime Certified Government Records

    Without records of payment history, spouses can claim no payment of child support with NO statute of limitations. Interest of up to 10% compounded interest can be applied to missed payments, costing fathers untold thousands of dollars in payments that they've already made!

  • Reduce Conflict

    Never have to talk to the Ex about money again! We do all the work.

  • Calendar/Scheduling

    Keep the lines of communication open. Manage custody, visitation and communication for your child in one location.

  • Child Support Agreement Generator

    A source of recommendations for newly separated parents to create child expense agreements by leveraging best practices for the future financial roles and responsibilities of the child.

  • Child Support Calculator

    A financial tool to estimate the amount of monthly child support paid. Each state has it's own statutory guidelines and these calculators are for informational and education purposes only.

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