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Easily Manage Child Support, Payments & Shared Expenses

The Ultimate App for Financial Caregiving

Manage your caregiving expenses, schedules, communications, and more!

The ultimate app for financial caregiving

Manage your caregiving expenses, schedules, communications, and more!

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Securely Manage your Caregiving
on your Phone and PC


Simplify your life with automated expense calculations, effortlessly managing
payments and seamlessly dividing costs among family members.


Send and receive payments securely and in seconds, ensuring that financial responsibilities are met with ease.


With SupportPay, keeping track of your family's paperwork has never been
easier, providing peace of mind and convenience at your fingertips.

Expenses, Payments and Schedules - All in One

No more needing to deal with the hassle of managing numerous apps, spreadsheets, calendars, text threads, emails, and sticky notes. We consolidate the essential tools into one seamless app experience.


Stay on top of expenses, payments and schedules effortlessly with our versatile app, accessible on any web browser or mobile device. No more dealing with the hassle of spreadsheets, outdated checks, and stacks of receipts. With SupportPay, managing expenses is simple. Whether you’re sending or receiving money via bank transfer or PayPal, or manually inputting payments such as cash, check, or credit card, our platform ensures smooth financial interactions. Safely store all your financial data in one convenient location for easy access and peace of mind.

Join Forces to Simplify Caregiving Between All Family Members!

Save Time, Money and Headaches with the
#1 Caregiving Solution


Automate the entire process—from tracking expenses, providing receipts, and calculating owed amounts to making payments. SupportPay meticulously maintains payment history and detailed records, accessible whenever needed. Imagine the time and energy you’ll get back by effortlessly managing your financial responsibilities.



Effortlessly manage your finances with SupportPay. Securely send and receive payments directly from your bank account, or record offline payments via cash, check or credit card – all while keeping your personal information safe. Keep payment proofs stored and accessible in one secure location. With SupportPay, handling your financial responsibilities has never been simpler.


Effortlessly manage and track important dates, appointments, and custody schedules for your family. We also offer in-app messaging with custom archive & exporting options. With SupportPay, keeping everyone on the same page has never been simpler, ensuring smooth communication and effective planning for your loved one’s needs.



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We are a private company and not associated with any state child support system. However, we have done this for so long that we can help you navigate through the complicated process of establishing a child support order or agreement and helping you to manage that agreement after it is established.

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