What Do You Do When the Child Support Legal System Screws Up?

child support

We’ve all been there – when we make a mistake with the government, or miss a payment, or are late following up on legal documents, the state makes sure that we pay for it. There are fines, fees, penalties, wage garnishments, and anything you can think of. The same is true in the child support legal system – if you make a mistake, it’s coming out of your pocket book.

But what happens when the state or government makes a mistake? Or when a company makes one? Who’s there to fine them or impose penalties when they make your life a mess?

Well, unfortunately, this happens a lot more frequently than you think. Take for example a case in Illinois. A father is alleging that the company which had garnished his wages for child support payments failed to properly forward them. This amounts to over $30,000 in missing child support over six years. And now, because someone else made a mistake, this father is going to have to go to court to correct it.

We hate hearing these stories. This is why we started SupportPay – because we just heard them way too often. Whether it was the state failing to properly track payments, or company’s losing payments, or there being no record of payment, we had enough. So we began SupportPay to make it easier to track, manage and take care of child support payments. Our automated system is easy to use, and will definitely come in handy.

If you haven’t been using SupportPay, and even if you have, you may have to seek legal counsel. The sad truth is that many of the laws that protect institutions aren’t afforded to those who can at times be the victim of its costly mistakes.

So if you’re worried about others making a mistake regarding your money, try SupportPay. You will be able to use our system for keeping legal records, documents, etc, and will come in handy when you need it the most.


  1. Chris Daniel Cutler

    Nassau county did not end my support as per the court’s stipulations. They admit it was their error. And I can try to recoupe money in small claims court. 5k. I’m not. Just mistakes do happen

  2. Tina

    I do believe that mistakes happen but is it still the case when your ex owes it to you but the child support agency made an error in the money being paid to you by your ex and you have to pay a certain amount back from the agencies error and you and your ex live in different counties? This is what I am dealing with. My ex owes around $20,000 in back child support

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