The Easiest Way to Pay Child Support in Los Angeles County and California

Child Support Los Angeles

Maybe the court order has been finalized for child support and you’re wondering what to do next and how to make the transition smooth. Or maybe you’ve been paying child support in Los Angeles for a while but you’re looking for a better way to manage and track your payments. For whatever reason, paying child support in Los Angeles County hasn’t been easy. There are several processes and registrations and logins you have to complete, and checking these systems for payments is not easy either.

Except now there is a much easier way to pay child support in Los Angeles County – SupportPay. Not only do we make it simple, fast and smooth to make payments, but we also resolve disputes, track payments all in one convenient place, which will take away much of the stress.

And it certainly can be stressful. The California Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) is charged with enforcing support orders for child support in Los Angeles County. With several departments involved, there are additional ways where you could be penalized for late payments, wrong payments, for your child support.

But that’s what makes paying through SupportPay so easy and simple. You will use our system to make sure everything in paid on time – no more lines or worry.

Or perhaps you’re looking for a better, more efficient solution for the other parent to pay their child support in Los Angeles county. SupportPay can help here as well. You can use our system to make sure that you receive your payments on time, that everything is tracked and logged, and that you don’t have to (if you don’t want to) even see your child’s other parent. You can also control on the back end of the system what information you share.

Paying child support in Los Angeles county has never been easier. Get rid of the drama and the hassle today by signing up and using SupportPay to pay your child support.

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