How to Enforce Child Support in California

For millions of Americans, worrying about child support payments isn’t an issue. The payer pays on time and without any real need for the state or law enforcement to get involved. However, there are also many cases, some egregious, where … Read More

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You have an order for child support in California…. Now what?

Maybe it was by amicable agreement, or perhaps you had to go before a Judge, but now you have an order for child support. Parents often don’t know where to go from here. The fact of the matter is that … Read More


How COVID Impacts Child Support Modifications in California.

COVID-related job losses and income reductions are scary for single parents. When the household depends on just one income, the parent experiencing income loss finds themselves needing drastically more child support. Child support is designed to ensure that the needs … Read More

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California Child Support Frequently Asked Questions

California Child Support   Child Support laws are complicated. What is even more complicated, is that they are all different based on your state and even your county. This page will answer the most frequently asked questions regarding child support … Read More


Wage Garnishment is Not Required

Contrary to popular belief, not all child support orders or agreements are subject to wage garnishment. In fact, if you demonstrate that you pay your child support on time, or can show you have a system to manage child support, you do not need to have the government involved in your child support. … Read More