Parenting and Children

Court Ordered Drug/Alcohol Testing in Relation to Child Custody Cases

Understanding Drug and Alcohol Testing in Child Custody Cases: A Comprehensive Guide In the challenging landscape of child custody cases, where relationships have broken down, external factors and lifestyle habits play a critical role. The welfare of children is often … Read More


10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids During a Divorce

Navigating Divorce: What Not to Say to Your Kids and Your Former Spouse Divorce is undoubtedly a challenging chapter in one’s life, and it becomes even more intricate when children are involved. As parents going through a divorce, the way … Read More

Empowering Domestic Violence Victims: SupportPay’s Free Premium Subscription

In honor of October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, SupportPay is taking a step to support domestic violence victims by offering our premium subscription absolutely free. We understand the unique challenges faced by these individuals and recognize the importance of … Read More

The True Value of Child Support: Beyond the Monthly Payment

As a parent, the well-being and happiness of our children are always at the forefront of our minds. When co-parenting, it’s essential to establish a support system that ensures our children’s needs are met. This is where child support comes … Read More

Divorce – Let’s Talk about It

Divorce is a difficult topic to raise with our kids, even for those of us at SupportPay – and we are experienced divorce professionals! We turned to one of the world’s top co-parenting experts, author and speaker Christian McGee, MSW, … Read More

Seeing Divorce Through the Eyes of Children

A Conversation with Expert Christina McGhee About her Exciting New Project December is Universal Human Rights Month – and our focus this month under this category is children’s rights. We typically think the struggles for human rights are happening in … Read More

Bill of Rights for Children

The Bill of Rights for Children is meant to protect the children of parents who are undergoing a divorce. There are many people involved in a divorce. Of course there are the two adults who are deciding to separate, the … Read More


Gratitude Month: A Co-Parent Guide

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with Thanksgiving being just around the corner, we like to center this month around one word- Gratitude. However, if you are separated/divorced and co-parenting, or still needing more time to heal from a recent … Read More

financial conflict

What causes financial conflict in marriages and how to prevent it

Written By: Lyle David Solomon Far too often money-related issues cause conflict in marriages. While roughly half of marriages overall end in divorce, money issues could last through separation and be a post-marital problem. We all could experience financial issues at … Read More

business owner

How Is Child Support Calculated if I’m a Business Owner

How Is Child Support Calculated if I’m a Business Owner? You might think that it would be easy to calculate child support as a business owner. You should consider all the money from the business assigned for personal use, but … Read More


Reducing Back-to-School Co-parenting Anxiety

Temper tantrums, tummy aches, meltdowns, and sleepless nights are an all-too-common concern for many families when summer comes to a close. Your child’s anxiety can easily become your co-parenting anxiety if you don’t manage it. If your child suffers from … Read More

Fourth of July boy

Fourth of July 2020 Plans for the Single Parent Family

The Fourth of July is a summer holiday staple, although this year might be a little different, given that the Corona Virus pandemic is an on-going situation. The kids are on summer vacation, and the first day of a new … Read More


Financial Considerations for Divorce and Raising a Child

If you’re a parent going through a divorce, learning to adapt to a new normal way of living can feel challenging and overwhelming at first. It takes your brain and body time to adjust to any major lifestyle change and … Read More


How to Get More Than 50% Parenting Time

How to Get More Than 50% Parenting Time Many parents will say that the worst part of divorce is “losing” their children. Missing even a minute of time with their children makes parents feel panicked, depressed, or guilty. Even parents … Read More


Five Important and Effective Ways to Reduce Conflict Over Child Support

Getting an order for child support seems like it should end financial conflicts – but often, it’s just the beginning. Paying, tracking, and allocating child support can create a lot of friction between divorced parents. But, there are buffers you … Read More