Family Support

The Ultimate Sacrifice: A Closer Look at Adult Children Caring for Their Elderly Parents

Becoming a caregiver for your aging parents is a big change, filled with lots of different feelings. It’s a job that needs a lot of love, patience, and giving of yourself. In this guide, we’ll walk through the emotional ups … Read More

The Unsung Heroes: Inside the World of Caregivers – Shedding Light on the 82% Who Devote Their Lives to Caring for Others

As we go about our daily lives, we often overlook the tireless efforts of the individuals who selflessly dedicate themselves to caring for others. These individuals, known as caregivers, play a vital role in our society, providing essential support to … Read More

The Caregiver’s Guide: Unveiling the Secrets of Multigenerational Caregiving Through the Eyes of 2,700 Americans

Multigenerational caregiving is an intricate and often challenging role that many individuals find themselves in. As caregivers, we take on the responsibility of caring for our loved ones across multiple generations. Whether it’s providing assistance to aging parents, supporting adult … Read More

Understanding the Financial Sacrifices Made by Average Family Caregivers

Family caregiving is a selfless act of providing care and support to a loved one who is unable to fully care for themselves. Whether it’s an aging parent, a disabled sibling, or a chronically ill spouse, family caregivers play a … Read More

Empowering Domestic Violence Victims: SupportPay’s Free Premium Subscription

In honor of October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, SupportPay is taking a step to support domestic violence victims by offering our premium subscription absolutely free. We understand the unique challenges faced by these individuals and recognize the importance of … Read More

financial conflict

What causes financial conflict in marriages and how to prevent it

Written By: Lyle David Solomon Far too often money-related issues cause conflict in marriages. While roughly half of marriages overall end in divorce, money issues could last through separation and be a post-marital problem. We all could experience financial issues at … Read More

COVID-19 and Child Support Payments

COVID-19 and Child Support Payments: (FAQ)

As the entire traditional landscape of daily life changes for Americans as a result of the COVID-19 virus, the expectation is that strict quarantine and shelter-in-place measures may occur again. Business owners, workers, and society as a whole have faced astronomical changes … Read More

How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide

This article was contributed by: Douglas Parker – Manshoory Law Group, APC Douglas Parker handles content management and communications for Manshoory Law Group, APC. He has always had a special interest in the sphere of Law and Human Rights. Dedicating … Read More

Wellness at Home: Understanding the Essentials Wellness at Home: Understanding the Essentials A healthy home is a happy home. Just as you want to put so much effort (and money) on creating a beautiful and inviting home, it is equally important to keep your space … Read More

Anxious Co parent

4 Tips for an Anxious Co-Parent

4 Tips for an Anxious Co-Parent Every family wants to have their own happy ending. Sadly, life isn’t always fair, and some marriages end with a divorce and you need to start a co-parent process. As you embark on a … Read More

8 Financial Challenges of Parenthood

8 Financial Challenges to be Parents that you need to know Be parents is a rewarding and worthwhile duty. Nonetheless, it is very challenging and, most often, a pocket-draining undertaking. This is since your children will have several needs that … Read More


How Parents Can Plan for the Future by Focusing on Today

How Parents Can Plan for the Future by Focusing on Today Parents have an idea about how you want your child’s life to play out. First, they will have all of the most adorable baby items. As they grow, they’ll … Read More

How to Deal with the Child’s Medical Expenses.

This article was contributed by: Lidia Staron – Content Writer Lidia Staron has been working as a writer, editor and literary coach for 5 years. She contributes articles about the role of finance in the strategic-planning and decision-making process. You … Read More

What Does Child Support Cover?

What Does Child Support Cover? The divorce decree for parents of minor children requires both custodial and non-custodial parents to pay for child support. It is the legal duty of both parties to provide financial support, even if the custodial … Read More

interaction with autistic children

Interaction with Autistic Children

Interaction with Autistic Children Struggling to deal with the external environment, children affected by the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) also find it uneasy to interact, use language and communicate. And if you’re a parent of one, you might be saddened … Read More