SupportPay is nothing without the amazing staff that work around the clock to deliver the best user experience possible. Most of our team members are coparents themselves, and understand the need for an effective way to manage child support & shared expenses with their exes. Read on and get to know the team that makes our product what it is today!


Sheri Atwood

SupportPay Founder & CEO

Sheri started SupportPay after her own divorce – the split was amicable, but collecting support and reimbursement for her young daughter was a nightmare! As a child of a bitter divorce, she didn’t want to see her co-parenting relationship ruined. So, Sheri created SupportPay with the idea that co-parents would not have to talk about money, and kids would get the support they deserve. As Former Silicon Valley Executive with15 years in high tech, Sheri decided to risk it all by starting her own company. She is an expert at coding, marketing, and leadership. Currently, she is using SupportPay to track her daughter’s college prep and application expenses, keeping an otherwise stressful process a lot more manageable. Sheri is also the mom of two dogs, and an excellent amateur blackjack player.


Erika Englund

Chief Strategy Officer

Erika joined SupportPay after 15 years’ practice as a family law attorney and mediator. A proud divorce industry disrupter, she brings a multi-layered perspective, deep legal background, and wide professional network to our team. Erika divorced when her children were just one and three. She happily co-parents with her former husband (usually; no one is perfect). Erika believes that better people deserve better divorce, and has made it her life’s goal to bring healthier, happier divorce life to families everywhere. Erika’s favorite part of the SupportPay app is knowing she never has to talk about money when it’s a bad time; everything she needs to know is in the app whenever she is ready to handle it. Erika absolutely adores being a mom. Her family loves to cook together (really well), play bocce ball (poorly), and go to Lake Tahoe as often as possible.


Rick Anderson

Head of Operations & Support

Rick joined SupportPay with 18 years of experience with operational and support leadership. He is passionate about delivering excellent Customer Experience to users. He ensures the company processes run smoothly- from HR, to Operations, to Product Development. He also makes sure all product issues are documented and adhered to, in order to maximize company productivity & organization, along with delivering the best solutions to our customers. Rick is a single father of 3 boys and has dealt with child support and co-parenting issues before; he wished a solution like SupportPay existed when he was raising his sons.  Rick is an active member of the LGBTQIA community and enjoys spending time with his partner, Gabe, and their 7 boys (combined).  Rick & his partner love to travel, both nationally and internationally, and to attend and host family events and outings.