It’s So Obvious It’s Stupid

So Obvious

It's Stupid.

The most obvious employee benefit you didn't even know existed.


Financial Caregiving

The Time-Consuming, Conflict-Ridden & Stressful Process

At least 70% of your workforce is affected by financial caregiving, whether it's co-parents supporting their children or adults supporting their parents and family members. This ignored population is left to fend for themselves when it comes to managing the financial process of these significant life events, leading to reduced productivity at work.

Tracking Expenses

Who owes what to whom?

Sharing Receipts & Bills

Where is the money going?

Exchanging Payments

How can I send the money?

Coordinating Schedules

Where & when are the appointments?

Fighting Over Text & Email

Are there tools to mitigate conflicts?

Lost Data

Is there a certified record?

Enter, SupportPay

A Solution so Simple, it's Stupid!

SupportPay eliminates financial conflicts by providing caregivers a way to reduce financial conflict, enabling them to spend less time sharing, managing and tracking expenses, payments and schedules across households — so they can spend more time supporting their loved ones

Expense Tracking
SupportPay organizes all of your expenses between different family members- all within the platform!
Share Bills & Receipts
Automatically scan, share and store receipts with your mobile device
Exchange Payments
Pay and receive caregiving, child support, alimony, & other shared expenses
Schedule Management
Easily schedule, manage & modify events like caregiving, custody or visitation time
Conflict Resolution
Review, dispute and resolve financial disagreements directly in the platform
Certified Record
Retain court-certified records of your expense, payment & chat history

SupportPay for Caregivers

Unroll Simplicity,
Wipe Away Stress—SupportPay Makes Family Finances Easy.

Imagine a world where managing shared expenses is as straightforward as replacing a roll of toilet paper. That's the world SupportPay creates for you. No more confusion, no more missed payments—just clear, simple financial management that feels as natural and necessary as having toilet paper in your home.

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helping caregivers worldwide!

SupportPay for Employers

Essential as Toilet Paper—That’s SupportPay in Your Benefits Package.

Just as no office can function without toilet paper in its restrooms, no company should operate without SupportPay in its benefits package. Providing SupportPay is like ensuring there's always a roll available—indispensable for employee satisfaction and financial wellness.

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