Simplify, with These APPS and Tools for Parents

There are so many amazing resources available to parents right at our fingertips. Here are some helpful sites and apps that allow us to support our children and meet their needs from every angle.

Zoobean – Does your child plow through each book they read, or each new App they learn, only to want more? Meet Zoobean, which functions like Pandora, but finds books and apps that meet your children’s interests and gets smarter the more you use it. Each time you make selections, it will guide the matches to meet your childrens reading level and interests, and make recommendations. This is smart stuff, and it is helping to make your kid smarter!

SupportPay – Manage your child support payments online without having to nag your spouse, or be a bill collector. Take care of your children without fighting about money. 39 million couples in this county are divorced – and divorce is the quick part of the process. The child support documents and process will be ongoing for years to come. Let SupportPay help you manage it all in one place, and simplify the communication of every little detail. Focus on raising happy, healthy kids.

CareLuLu Urbansitter Sittercity – Finding the right child care facility or person can be exhausting. There are so many choices out there, and yet after searching, you still might not find one that you like, that meets your criteria, or that is good enough for your child. Enter these sites where you can search child care providers in your area before you ever leave the house! Find profiles, background check information, amenities, tuition and costs, and any other preference so that you only have to go visit the places you know match your desires. These companies are founded by moms with you in mind, doing the hard work for you. Now you can make an educated choice and find someone who will be great for your family. – What a great concept…rent Lego sets, rather than having to buy the awfully expensive yet awesome toys! In my experience once my daughter builds a new Lego set, she is ready for the next one. This site allows you to rent Lego sets, play with them, and then send them back. It works like a subscription, so each month you can keep a running wish list of which set you want next. All sets are thoroughly sanitized, and you aren’t charged for a potential tiny missing or broken piece if that happens. New Lego fun each month, at a fraction of the cost…Genius!

Munchkin Fun – Find, book, and buy parent-approved programs, activities, and camps for kids all in one place! Subscribe for a weekly newsletter of what is happening in your area. Don’t miss the fun!

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