We take security seriously, so that you don’t have to!

Our Founder is a former executive at Symantec, a leading security provider, so security is at the core of our business. Your data isn’t stored in a computer under our desk. We have invested to ensure that we provide the most secure environment for you and your information.

The biggest part of our plan is to choose the best partners to meet our very tough requirements. For our data and system we have partnered with & PayPal to store your information. uses the most advanced technology for cloud application and internet security. It is currently powering over 100,000 enterprise companies and stores their most critical data and customer information in their data centers around the world. If top companies trust salesforce to run their business, so do we.

The current implementation of Ittavi SupportPay leverages Paypal so parents can make online payments to each other. The benefit of using an online payment system, such as Paypal, is that neither parent has direct access to the other parents financial information. Your data is safe, secure and available. In addition, your financial information is not stored in the same location as your other data so there is always a separation between your data and your private financial data. Ittavi does not see or have access to any of your private financial data and neither does the other parent.

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