Kansas Child Support

Kansas Child Support Services (KCSS)

“Child Support Services has partnered with four contractors to provide full-service child support functions.

Kansas Child Support Services (CSS) helps children receive the financial support necessary for their growth and development. The program assists by establishing parentage and orders for child and medical support, locating noncustodial parents and their property, enforcing child and medical support orders, and modifying support orders as appropriate.

CSS automatically serves families receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Food Assistance, foster care, and child care assistance. Assistance from CSS is also available to any family regardless of income or residency, who applies for our services.

For more information view the Kansas CSS Handbook or visit the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcementwebsite.” — KCSS

Kansas DCF

Child Support Services, Department for Children and Families
PO Box 497
Topeka, Kansas 66601-0497
Office: (888) 757-2445
Fax: (785) 296-8395

Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas
Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas Child Support
Enforcement Program
PO Box 163
Horton, Kansas 66439
Office: (785) 486-2662 ext. 225 or (877) 864-2902
Fax: (785) 486-2919
Email: deniece.masqua@ktik-nsn.gov

Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation
Child Support Services Manager
Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation
PO Box 174
11400 158th Road
Mayetta, Kansas 66509
Office: (785) 966-8324
Fax: (785) 966-8377
Email: KellyHopkins@pbpnation.org