Alabama Child Support

Alabama Child Support

Alabama Child Support

The Child Support Enforcement (CSE or IV-D) Program


“is a joint Federal & State effort to help families establish paternity (when necessary), obtain orders for payment of child support, and secure compliance with child support court orders. One of the goals of the Child Support Enforcement Program is to help families achieve self-sufficiency because the non-payment of child support is a key factor contributing to the impoverishment of children.” — CSE

State Systems Don’t Manage Medical, Education, Child Care or Extracurricular Activities


Did you know that state systems only manage base child support payments and do not provide a way for parents to manage expenses and make payments for additional child expenses such as medical, education, child care or any other child related expenses? Even with base child support payments many systems do not provide notifications or have a way to get a complete report of the details associated with payments they have managed.

Even if you are paying or receiving child support payments, you need an additional solution to manage, track and pay all your child expenses. SupportPay was built to help parents manage these expenses, while working with state payment systems.

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Alabama DHR


Department of Human Resources, Child Support Enforcement Division
50 Ripley Street
PO Box 304000
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-4000
Office: (334) 242-9300
Fax: (334) 242-0606