SupportPay delivers a unique set of tools to help employee’s through qualified life events such as marriage, divorce or partner separation.

Our platform allows parents to track, manage and pay child support payments and manage shared expenses easily. By offering SupportPay to your employees you can help reduce conflict and emotional stress so that they remain productive at work.

Why Offer SupportPay to Your Employees?

Offer a Unique Employee Benefit

Get a competitive advantage when it comes to employee benefits. Acquiring and retaining top talent is essential for growth. SupportPay enables you to stay competitive with a unique benefits package.

Increase Employee Productivity

Workplace stress costs U.S. employers an estimated $200 billion dollars per year in absenteeism, lower productivity and other stress-related expenses. SupportPay helps to keep employees focused at work by reducing the impact child support conflicts may have on their lives.

Make Payments

Your employees can track, manage and pay child support payments and shared expenses directly with the other parent.

Reduce Conflict

Help reduce the arguments and conflict that occurs between your employee and their ex. Dramatically save them time, keep them productive and reduce the stress in their life.

Your Employees Should be Using SupportPay

Manage Shared Expenses

Parents no longer need to spend time arguing over, reviewing, requesting information or discussing shared child expenses. With SupportPay, parents can manage all of their child support payments and shared expenses in one place, dramatically reducing the time and energy spent worrying about financially supporting their children.

Certified Records

Without records of payment history, parents are unable to take action on their case. In order to move forward, whether it is for a child support modification, a case asking for back child support or the need to provide proof of payments already made, a complete history of all child support history must be provided. Employees will spend hundreds of hours attempting to provide this information. With SupportPay they have access to this information in a click of a button.

Download the Employee Benefit Package

Download the Benefits Package information to get more details and information you can provide directly to your employees. The information highlights the benefits of SupportPay and how we can save your parent employees a huge amount of time and energy while reducing their stress so they can remain productive employees.