A Child of Divorce & My Quest to Make Things Better for My Child

Here is an interview I conducted on HuffPost Live talking about growing up as a child of divorce. The truth is that my parents spent hundreds of thousands of dollars when it came to their divorce – yet there were days where we didn’t have enough money to eat. My mom did her best to raise 3 children on her own – while defending her right to be a parent. She wasn’t perfect, most would say far from it, but she did it. She was there. And nobody can take away the fact that she was the only parent I had.

Throughout my childhood we moved a lot (and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT!) and the greatest fear I had was a knock at the front door. Why? Because I was afraid it was the police or Child Protective Services. An unknown knock on the door still sends that knot to the pit of my stomach 20 years later. And it was because of this that I swore I would never put my daughter through the turmoil that I was put through. They say, in life, you either repeat the same mistakes or you choose to change. My choice was to change it. And now I hope to change things for other parents and children!

What is your story? Is there something in your childhood that inspired you to do things differently?

SupportPay is inspired about make it things different and learn how to deal with divorce and child support differently avoiding affect children during the process and avoiding stress and discussions about money or divorce arrangements

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