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Judges Believe, SupportPay Reduce Docket Size and Help Establishing Positive Co-parenting Relationship

SupportPay Common Features

Access to child support payment history and detailed child support records any time any where.

SupportPay mitigate common sources of conflict and miscommunication between co-parents.

Recommend SupportPay, reduce docket size, protects the best interests of children

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Why Judges Recommending SupportPay?

Family law and judges across the US have been requesting the utilization of co-parenting apps in high-struggle separate cases for almost 20 years. That is because in addition to the fact that SupportPay protects kids from co-nurturing struggle, it likewise diminishes docket sizes by keeping defendants from getting back to court to determine debates.

Miscommunication and struggle are outsized elements in prosecutors getting back to court. As opposed to cooperating to determine straightforward co-nurturing debates, guardians without the devices to forestall struggle end up in a pattern of disunity that at last develops so quarrelsome that lawful mediation ends up being undeniable.

Forestalling this cycle, nonetheless, is frequently basically as straightforward as furnishing guardians with a strong structure for moving toward co-nurturing conversations post-separate. At the point when court contribution becomes important, judges and justices must approach clear and complete records of the correspondence relating to the main thing. On the off chance that prosecutors are involving SupportPay for their co-nurturing correspondence, they or their lawful portrayal can undoubtedly download court-prepared records straightforwardly from their record. These records are easy to gather and audit, and they are safeguarded from the manufacture, control, or erasure.

Why SupportPay Safeguards the wellbeing of Youngster ?

Struggle between co-guardians can have an unquestionably wide effect, generally maneuvering youngsters into the center of grown-up worries and discussions. Not just influencing their change in accordance with their new family structure, the struggle between guardians after a separation can likewise adversely influence a youngster’s drawn-out psychological well-being and wellbeing.

Family court judges and justices have a guarantee to safeguard the well-being of the youngsters engaged with separate from cases.

Child Support

Secured Co-parenting Communication

Calls, messages notifications, and different parts of routine correspondence are in conflict with the need to contain disunity in high-struggle separate from cases. At the point when youngsters hear warm discussions or catch a brief look at a message warning while at the same time utilizing a parent’s telephone, they’re in danger of being presented to subtleties that are improved left between co-guardians.

SupportPay is a secure co-parenting platform that keeps personal & financial data confidential (for Web, iOS, and Android). So keep communicating using our app without any doubt.

Child Support Order or Agreement Languages

In high-conflict cases, petitioners may need a strong frame for how to communicate in order to reach a point where they’re suitable to co-parent without major derailments. Judges and adjudicators frequently include specific instructions for using co-parenting in court orders to give petitioners with a clear structure for successful co-parenting communication. Below are some of the most common factors of court orders that include the use of co-parenting app.

  • Communicate simply on app
  • Minimum texting
  • Customizable Expense Tracking and Reimbursement
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SupportPay is here to make the expense sharing process easier and faster for both you and your ex-partner. Through our platform, you have access to a detailed list of shared expenses, allowing you to keep track of the payments you are making, and avoiding any misunderstanding. You can spend less time focused on your expenses and spend more time with the ones you love.

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