New Job, New Budget, and Other Tips on How to Regain Control During Your Divorce

New Job, New Budget, and Other Tips on How to Regain Control During Your Divorce

Written By: Isaac Moore

There is no getting around the emotions that you’ll feel during a divorce. No matter how hard you try to be strong, splitting apart a marriage is a weakening and defeating process. But, you have to continue to take care of yourself now so that you can go into your new life as a single person with confidence. Here are tips to get you started, presented by SupportPay.

Acknowledge that things are changing

First, you have to acknowledge and accept that life is going to change. If you have children, plan out what you’ll say to them as well as emphasizing that some things will stay the same.

Remember that you are an individual, not just part of a coupling

If you’ve been married for a long time, your entire sense of self is likely wrapped up in your identity as “Mr. & Mrs.” But, this isn’t true, and you will no longer have that piece of yourself to fall back on. Now’s a great time to start thinking about who you want to be as you move forward.

Be fair with your ex when it comes to custody

If you have children younger than 18, one hot topic during the divorce will be custody. It’s likely, however, that it will not be a true 50/50 arrangement, especially if one parent moves outside of the children’s school zone. But, no matter what you choose, be fair with your ex and to your children to ensure that your kids get adequate time with both parents.

Prepare your resume for a new job

Looking for a new job after a divorce can be challenging, particularly if you have not been actively in the workforce for a while. To ensure that potential employers have easy access to relevant information about you and what makes you the ideal candidate for the role, it is essential to update your resume. Tailor the resume to reflect experiences in line with current workplace demands. You can create a professional resume faster than ever before with the help of an online resume builder. What’s more, you can use a resume builder to help customize the structure of your document based on what you need, as well as make sure it catches the attention of hiring managers, which is always important.

Get a grip on your new budget

You’ve just lost your partner’s income, and, even if you’re receiving child support and alimony, your spending habits may have to change. When you have never handled your budget on your own before, it’s crucial to start with your core expenses. Divorce Mag also suggests looking at the money you actually have, not just your income on paper. Remember, you have expenses that come out of this long before you ever pay the light bill.

Be prepared for your social circle to change

You’ve likely forged strong bonds with your former significant other’s friends and family. Be prepared for that to change. It is heart-wrenching and difficult to accept, but the vast majority of your friends will pick a side. Keep in mind here that you will make new friends moving forward and, eventually, you will enter into a new relationship and forge a new life for yourself, complete with a new social circle. Start networking with local groups with similar interests so that when you need the social support, it’s already there.

Make healthy lifestyle changes

It is not unusual for people to lose weight after a divorce. Unfortunately, this is often due to stress and the lack of eating it causes. Be conscientious about the way that you eat and the amount of physical activity you get in the days, weeks, and months leading up to and after your divorce. Don’t neglect to eat, but do exercise. As an added benefit, if you choose a local exercise class, this is a great way to reestablish your social network and find the support you need as you regain your sense of self.
By getting yourself mentally prepared for the changes that come with divorce, you empower yourself to go out into the world with confidence. When you project positivity, you will attract positive influences, such as new friends and perhaps even better job opportunities. But, remember, it won’t be easy. Stress is part of the package. It’s up to you how you let it affect you.

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New Job, New Budget, and Other Tips on How to Regain Control During Your Divorce

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