How to Pay Child Support while Co-parenting

“My ex lives out of state now, and it is so hard to get child support from him.” “I can’t even communicate with my ex, how am I going to bring myself to ask him for money every month?” “I don’t want to talk to her about money or anything else at this point!” “The father of my children is so good at hiding, that I can’t even keep up with where the next place is. I just want the money for our kids’ sake!” How to Pay Child Support while Co-parenting?

These statements, along with many others, convey the mistrust and unrest that often accompanies divorce and separation with children involved. Child support is such a necessary component of co-parenting, yet it is a very tough bridge to build and cross. Many custodial parents go months without seeing a payment because the court order isn’t in place yet, or just because the non-custodial parent is being difficult.

SupportPay was designed to make life easier for both parents involved, and to allow you to focus on raising happy, healthy kids. Your time and energy should not be spent chasing down an ex for payment or worrying if the money will come each month. SupportPay works as an online platform where both parents will have access to the information. Each parent can decide what is shared with the other. They can see what the expenses are each month, what is expected of them, and what the needs of their child are.

More than 90% of SupportPay users enjoy on time child support payments each month. This is because each parent feels in control of their funds, can see clearly the expectations, and is trusted to do their part. With SupportPay being all online, it does not matter what state or country the parents live in. They can go into hiding all they want and still have access to all they need to see regarding their child’s needs/expenses. Also, there is no need to go begging and asking for a payment. Communication is all well laid out on SupportPay’s website. A bill can be emailed, a summary of costs shared. It is very clear for each spouse and it is apparent that the needs of the child are the only focus here. Let us help you collect child support on time, each month! Join SupportPay.

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