How to Collect Child Support

It’s not a question we like to hear, but it’s one that comes up often – what do I do if I haven’t received, and you’re looking to collect, child support? The truth is, there are many options available to you to collect child support owed to you. And even further, we will discuss some ways so that you have a process in place so that you don’t have to worry about missing child support payments.

  1. The state can be a resource in collecting child support

Now, this doesn’t work in all cases, but if the state is a part of the proceedings and are collected through the state enforcement agency, then they will work to collect on your behalf. However, this process can take a long time to complete, and in many cases the state agencies are backlogged, slow, or don’t have the resources. If the state is not being responsive, or if they are not being collected through the state, you then need to file enforcement proceedings to get started on collecting child support.

  1. Can wages be garnished to collect child support?

This is probably the quickest way for you to collect child support that is owed. The court must order that wages be garnished for you to collect in this way.

  1. What if I’ve never received child support payments like ordered?

It depends on how payments were meant to be made. This is where we see and encounter the most difficulty on payments. Many state agencies do not do a good job of tracking payments or enforcing them. The systems are old, and in many ways, they don’t have a way to regulate payments or track when they are due. You will have to work with the courts to make sure you are getting what it owed.

Collecting child support the old fashioned way, as you can see, is inefficient and broken. This is true for both the parent receiving child support and the parent paying. Many times, the parent wants to pay, but the system itself is too confusing. That is why we created Supportpay – to help make the process of paying and ways to collect child support easier. Our system is the simple solution – everything you will need is tracked in our backend. There is no more need to have to constantly remind the payer, or go through multiple state agencies. SupportPay will help you remind the other parent and track when payments are due – all without having to ever talk to the other parent.

And if you need to pay child support, our system makes the process easy and automated. No more need to worry about when payments are due, where to go, where to send checks, etc. There will be no more questions on how to collect child support with our system, because much of the work is already done for you.

To try SupportPay today for free, just go here and register.

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