What is Greenlight About?

Green means go – and Greenlight gives your kids the means to go wherever they want (financially). It is a debit card for kids where parents control the app and manage the way kids are allowed to spend their money. This way, kids learn how to manage money but in a reasonable and responsible fashion.

This is Financial Literacy Month and we at SupportPay wanted to highlight this new product. It isn’t just another book that your kids won’t fully understand or an allowance that will soon be asked for again. Give your children Greenlight, a practical tool by which they learn how quickly money can go if one isn’t careful, or how accessible the world is with a piece of plastic. A debit card will allow them the freedom to make mistakes, and with the parent’s help, build their own healthy money-spending practices.

Our favorite feature of Greenlight is “Chores and Allowance“, which allows parents to tie allowances to chores completed and checked off through the app. Tired of telling your kids to take out the trash? Let them know they they’ll get the money as soon as they check off the completed chore right through the app. There is also another awesome function that allows parents to set allowance schedules on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis.

Read more about Greenlight to see how they work and what else they can offer you and your family. Our mission at SupportPay is to bring single parents, co-parents . . . actually, all parents, ways to teach themselves and their children financial literacy.

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