What are your Children Worth?

Our mission statement at SupportPay: get your children the support they deserve. We don’t only mean this in a financial sense, but of course that is one of the most important aspects of it, and this is why we focus so much on it; after all, “Pay” is in our name. But we believe that financial literacy month isn’t just about learning how to properly spend and save – it is about finding the balance between life and money.

We read this book and found it relatable to many parents out there. What is the secret plan that keeps us from failing to realize successful money practices? We may shop at the thriftiest grocery stores and buy flights at the best times, yet still the finance organization can get chaotic and we lose track of everything we spent money on. The secret is there is no secret. We live in a capitalist society but sometimes lose the way, and this is because each one of us needs to find our own way. It is true mastery of a certain practice that allows us to live a balanced life because then we can act without thinking  – and there is nothing different when it comes to financial literacy. If we truly practice and learn methods that suit us, then we can spend money without thinking because we have a practice that allows us to live within our own self-defined means.

The takeaways from the book we recommend are the Must-Haves (the bills you have to pay every month), the Wants (some fun money for right now), and your Savings (to build a better tomorrow). The authors have experience and researched the subject, and we believe them to be masters of financial literacy. It’s a quick and practical read, that will change your thinking about how you manage your money – and remember, there is always room for improvement, no matter one’s circumstances.

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